Dear Sisters, Friends, and Guests:

It is with much excitement that we are able to bring you “SIS: Sorority Inspired Sandals”, a company we founded in 2014. Its inception and “inspiration” was simple…

As a mother who pledged Pi Beta Phi at Louisiana State University in 1980, it brought me much joy when my daughter also pledged Pi Beta Phi at the same university in 2012, 32 years later! The bond we share not only as mother and daughter, but as sisters, is one that surely cannot be replaced.

It is within that sisterhood that we discovered an absence of sorority accessories, specifically those of both quality AND style. It is with that knowledge that we bring you SIS.

Made of high quality leather, and displaying your sorority’s letters or emblem, it is our mission that we provide you with a product that is unique in style, of high quality and durable, and that you can be proud of as a member of your sorority.

As a way to reach more customers, we are excited to offer personal monogrammed sandals in addition to our new selection of sandals inspired by our faith, community and sisterhood.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy our product, and that you can feel the same sense of excitement and pride in your sorority as my daughter and I feel.

Your comments are always welcome, and we hope you will visit us again.

With warm regards,

Sorority Inspired Sandals

Discounts are given on bulk orders. Please contact us for more Information.